Visiting (Incall)


When you schedule an incall with a provider, this means you visit her at her location. Typical incall locations are hotels, motels, and private locations like apartments. 

Before Your Date

  • Take a shower and brush your teeth 
  • If coming from work, ask the provider if the shower will be available 
  • Ask for the address about an hour before your date
  • Arrive early or on time - consider traffic times
  • Nervous about walking into a hotel? Bring a briefcase or gym bag with you to help you blend in. Just walk in like you’re a guest there! 

During Your Date

  • Place the donation in plain sight on a table
  • Ask to use the bathroom & quickly freshen up
  • Go over any rules she may have
  • Keep an eye on the time so you don’t run over 

After Your Date

  • Thank the provider for seeing you 
  • Save her contact information - just in case!
  • If you enjoyed your time with her, write a quick review 

Pro Tips

Gifts & Tips

Tip her with a gift card for Starbucks or a restaurant nearby - a nice way to thank her for her time & treat her to something delicious 

“Right Now” Availability

Screening can take hours to days to complete, so seeing a provider last minute can be tricky. If you prescreen with a provider, she will already have you verified, making it easier to schedule a session last minute