Verifying the Provider


There are ways to find out if the provider you’re about to schedule with is legit:

Reviews or Verification

  • Search for her reviews or verification 
  • Read over the reviews & check the accounts they were written by
  • Make sure the accounts have reviewed other providers 
  • Be wary of fake accounts & reviews 

Google Her Number

  • Google the phone number listed on her ad and see if other ads/websites pop up. This is an easy way to search for reviews
  • If there aren’t any results, she might not be a provider 

Google Her Images

  • Do a reverse-image search of the photos on her ads
  • Make sure other ads or her website pops up
  • Sometimes, scammers use photos of models to bait you 



  • Be careful booking with providers that aren’t legit. They will ask for a deposit for your session, usually in the form of a gift card & in a large amount 

Buying Content

  • Watch out for fake accounts selling pictures & videos. They will ask for an e-gift card for payment & then won’t send you any content after you have sent payment 


  • Be wary of meeting her outside a hotel, giving her enough money for a room, & waiting for her to pay for it. Most of the time, she will leave with your money
  • Be careful getting a hotel room in your name for a provider. You might end up paying for her room service or a hefty smoking fee


  • If she doesn’t have a location listed on her ad, make sure she’s legit before contacting her. Some scammers will ask your location and then coincidentally be in the same city at that time 

Bait & Switch

  • If you don’t do your research, you may find yourself in a classic bait & switch scenario. Some providers use other pics in their ads, and when you show up, they say the girl you were going to see is busy at the moment, but they are available to see you 

Pro Tips

Do Your Homework

Take the time to do your research & verify that the provider you’re about to see (or send a deposit to!) is legit. Avoid being scammed! 

It’s ok to Leave!

If the provider opens the door & isn’t the person in the photos, don’t reward her bad behavior by staying. It is ok to turn around & leave.