Getting Started


Welcome to the hobby! There are just a few things you need to set up in order to be successful: 

➜ Name

Create a name to use in the hobby. You will use it when communicating with providers. It can also be used as your screen name for your email address & hobby accounts. 

Please note: there are providers that do more in depth screening & some will require your legal name in order to book with them.

➜ Number/Phone

It is highly recommended to have a separate phone or number for the hobby.

Either purchase a cheap cell phone, or download a texting app/create a Google Voice account.

Try not to change your hobby number - keeping the same contact information makes verification and booking easier over time. 

➜ Email Address

Create an email address. This will be used to register to websites & contact providers.

For secure, encrypted email, create an account with

➜ Payment App

Create a Pay Pal, VenMo, or Cash App account to easily send deposits or tips to providers.

➜ Sign Up

Now that you have a hobby email, create an account on an escort website. While some websites don’t require an account in order to view escort ads, most require an account in order to read/write reviews and to access other areas of the site. A list of active websites can be found on the next page.

After creating an account, it is recommended to fill out some basic information about yourself on your profile. You can put information like your age, the city you live in, and some of your interests. 

➜ Choosing a Provider

  • First, figure out how much you’re comfortable spending on a session. Search for providers that have that donation rate (or lower) listed 
  • If you’re brand new to the hobby, search for providers that are “newbie friendly”
  • Next, search for providers that offer services you’re interested in
  • Finally, search for providers that are in or near your city, or visiting soon 

➜ Writing Reviews

It is not required that you write reviews, however, it helps other hobbyists & makes screening easier for you in the future. Keep your reviews short & to the point. Avoid using acronyms and using descriptive details.