Ads: Explained


Please read the provider’s ad before contacting her. It is full of information & may answer some questions you might have. Below is information about common terms found on many ads:

➜ Prescreening

Prescreening is sending a provider all of your information to start the verification process. Doing this in advance makes scheduling with the provider easier & quicker when you are ready to see them

➜ Prebooking

Prebooking is scheduling a session in advance. Providers ask that clients prebook, especially when they are touring. This way, they know they won’t be wasting money when traveling to a different city

➜ Why She Asks For a Deposit

There are many expenses involved when providing, and traveling expenses are the highest. Between plane tickets, rental car fees, & hotel room costs, providers shell out a lot in order to do their job. 

Sometimes clients have to cancel, while others flake on their appointment altogether, so a deposit shows the provider that you are serious & allows her to pay for her travel costs. 

A typical deposit is between $20-100 depending on the provider. Make sure you have verified the provider is real before sending a deposit. 

➜ Why Some Say “No AA”

Unfortunately there are some providers that write “No AA” in their ads. This means she doesn’t see African American clients.

The main reasons for this:

  • She has a pimp
  • She’s racist
  • She has had a bad experience 
  • She believes they are “too big”
  • Her body, her choice 

Whatever the reason, just know there are still plenty of providers that will see AA clients.

➜ Provider References

A lot of ads will mention provider references as a method of screening. A provider reference is a provider that can vouch that you are a safe & respectable client. 

If you are brand new to the hobby, you will have to search for providers that are “newbie friendly.” These are providers that have different methods of verifying you. Once you have one provider reference to work with, you will have an easier time screening.

If you use references as a means of screening, please remember to be courteous & reach out to the provider to ask her permission before using her as a reference. Some providers are not reference friendly, so check with her first.

Pro Tips

Other Screening Methods

Instead of provider references, she might verify you a different way: 

  • Work number/email 
  • Selfie with ID or work badge 
  • LinkedIn account 
  • Verification through website/reviews

NO Screening?!

Beware of providers that don’t screen! If she isn’t asking for a way to verify you, it could mean one of three things: 

  • it’s the police 
  • it’s a scam
  • she has a pimp